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The depth, breadth, and scope of LAC’s industrial complex offer a myriad of middle skill occupations that pay well, and provide the upward mobility that is foundational to economic security. Yet many of these jobs remain unfilled. Residents struggle to find work and companies struggle to find qualified, middle-skilled employees. Within this ‘skilled worker supply/demand challenge’ lies our objective — to increase the availability of a well-trained skilled workforce in LA County in order to close the immense supply and demand gap.


2023-2024 Cornerstone Regional Projects

Cornerstone Projects are regional projects that have consistently ranked high for multiple rounds of voting. They are strategic in that they guide LA19 institutions to consider foundational pathway objectives regarding infrastructure, student supports, academic integration, and evaluation through the lens of established metrics. The projects have consistent budgets year after year with support to justify any additional funding requests. Each Cornerstone Project will be evaluated annually by the Workforce Council to determine eligibility of renewal based on demonstrated outcomes, including success stories, metrics, and additional funding requests.

2023-2024 Regional Projects

2022-2023 Cornerstone Regional Projects

2022-2023 Regional Projects

2021-2022 Regional FOUNDATIONAL Projects

2021-2022 Regional Projects

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