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LAUNCH LA Apprenticeship Network

For Businesses

What’s the main problem you are trying to solve? Do you need a talent pipeline? Do you have people at your company that you’d like to develop? Would you like to give your employees a chance to grow? Are you trying to make your team more efficient?

The LAUNCH team will match you to the right program and partnerships. With a network of colleges and high schools, we have access to new and developing talent and can provide your current staff with impactful training and education. So why do YOU want to get started?

Benefits for Business

An apprenticeship program registered with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards and/or the United Stated Department of Labor demonstrates commitment by a business to develop a highly-skilled workforce that meets nationally recognized training standards. The roles of both the employer and apprentice, along with the training program curriculum, are clearly spelled out in an Apprenticeship Standards document. Registered apprenticeship programs may also qualify for tax credits.

What Businesses Say About LAUNCH

"Apprentices are a vital part of any great team. They are open to change, filled with enthusiasm and hungry for success. Those three traits together can be difficult to find even in the most seasoned veteran."

Michael D Pierce, Operations Manager, Developlus

"The apprenticeship program has and will continue to be instrumental in our company’s growth, as we plan for the future by investing in our greatest asset – our employees. Having their skillset honed and polished through this valuable program will enable them to be the change agents needed to positively influence our objectives and operations. The benefits derived from their respective coursework will be the edge we will need in today’s hyper-competitive landscape.”

Eugenio Martin, Engineering Manager, Lynam Industries, Inc.


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