We are LARC

LARC is the coordinating body for LA’s 19 community colleges. We do what no one college can do alone. We leverage our collective voice in every conversation in every corner of LA County to promote career and technical education and bridge the gap between employers, students, educators and industry. LARC’s primary goal is to give everyone a chance for a better career and to advance LA’s innovative economy.

The 19 community colleges tasked LARC with:

  1. Developing regional leadership and operational partnerships among community college, industry, labor, and other workforce and economic development entities to improve the delivery of all CTE efforts.
  2. Developing robust connections between community colleges, business and industry representatives, labor and other regional workforce development partners to align college programs with regional and industry needs and provide support for CTE programs.
  3. Strengthening communication, coordination, and decision-making between regional CTE efforts and the colleges to meet regional labor market needs.
  4. Creating a sustained, public outreach campaign to industry, high school students, counselors, parents, faculty, staff, and the community-at-large to promote career development and attainment and the value of CTE.
  5. Share best practices and areas for improvement, as needed, to state education governing agencies based on lessons learned to improve CTE programs.

LARC is one of eight regional consortiums established by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office to implement the state’s Strong Workforce Program (SWP). The SWP initiative seeks to expand career technical education (CTE) programs in California’s community colleges, fulfill workplace needs, and develop a skilled workforce for todays and tomorrow’s economy.


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