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Noncredit Career Pathways

Mt. San Antonio College leads Noncredit Career Pathways, a Strong Workforce Program (SWP) project in the Los Angeles region since 2017 and a project of the Los Angeles Regional Consortium. The only fully noncredit SWP project in the region, Noncredit Career Pathways supports and provides technical assistance to noncredit programs in high-demand career fields and prepares students for college.  The importance of Noncredit Career Pathways – and noncredit CTE programs overall – has come to the forefront due to the pandemic and its impact on California’s economy. With recovery efforts underway, noncredit plays an even more critical role in responding to employers’ workforce training needs and providing students with a pathway to credit programs to ensure California workers reskill or upskill into well-paying stable jobs and employers have the workforce they need to aid in their recovery.

LA Career Pathways Partnership

LA Career Pathways Partnership website is a resource for both high school and community college students, faculty, and staff. It includes the LA Career Finder focused on helping faculty and counselors assist students to identify career interests. The website also includes a CTE Matrix, a comprehensive listing of all certificates and AS Degree programs offered at each of the LA-19 community colleges. Additionally, the website offers resources related to K12 Articulation, Dual Enrollment, Work Based Learning, and project meeting minutes.

Center for Competitive Workforce

Center for a Competitive Workforce is a collaboration between the Los Angeles Country Economic Development Corporation, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Los Angeles/Orange County Center of Excellence for Labor Market Research. The CCW produces ongoing regional economic outlook reports to better align labor market supply and demand data, support industry-driven career education and workforce development programs, and strengthen industry engagement across the L.A. basin.


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