Enrollment through Marketing and Engagement

Community Colleges of Los Angeles

The Community Colleges of Los Angeles project is a collective effort to reach and engage prospective students, with a focus on improving awareness of our 19 community colleges and 200+ programs and a goal of increasing enrollment across the district. The work ultimately generates and responds to interest, establishing a positive student experience from the beginning and supplements campus resources by identifying prospects who are most likely to enroll.

Community Colleges of Los Angeles Background

Establishing the Community Colleges of Los Angeles (CCLA) brand has allowed all 19 colleges to pool together resources and execute bigger-picture storytelling of who we serve and what we offer. Our combined efforts have led to increased public awareness, website visits, and an overall uptick in enrollment through our strategic creative assets and media campaigns.

The CCLA one-stop resource is part of our commitment to the California Community Colleges Strong Workforce Program initiative to collectively market Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs as one region. Project funding supports communications and marketing, robust advertising across multiple digital channels, and call center support to field questions from prospective students.

Learn more about the project and campaign performance through the Project Overview and Quarterly Reports.

CCLA Project Overview

Project Goals

  • Increase awareness of Los Angeles community colleges and career technical education programs
  • Engage interested prospective students and introduce them to CCLA college(s) of interest
  • Increase enrollments to prepare anyone for a career journey of their choice

Quick facts

Campaign Launch

October 2019

Media Channel

Paid Search, Display, Social Media, YouTube, CTV

Campaign Website


Supporting vendors

Anthology (formerly Blackboard)
Strategies 360

Project Process



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