Pathways Improvement Scope

Building upon the successes of the LAST MILE Project, the ADVANCE Project will introduce several key pathway improvements and expansions. These advancements include procuring major CTE lab equipment to ensure Da Vinci CTE students gain hands-on experience with industry-grade equipment. The ADVANCE Project will also implement a Career Seminar Series led by professionals from target industries, providing students with insights into industry trends, potential career paths, and the skills and knowledge required for success in their chosen field. Additionally, the project will expand the number of work-based learning experiences available within each CTE program of study, including the number and quality of professional mentorships and internships. Furthermore, the ADVANCE Project will provide new opportunities for CTE teachers to collaborate with industry professionals and complete externships in industry, fostering deeper connections between the classroom and the workplace. Finally, the project will establish new CTE-specific targeted academic support to address the academic needs of CTE students, focusing on helping students who are struggling to master pathway standards and excel in their CTE program of study.

Goals & Priorities

K12 SWP Round 6 funding will be used to improve the delivery of industry-aligned CTE pathways across all four Da Vinci high schools. This will be done through a variety of activities, including procuring new equipment and supplies, providing stipends to support CTE teachers, El Camino College faculty, and industry partners, and providing new academic support to students struggling to master CTE standards. Stipends for regional professionals will be provided to deliver the Career Seminar Series and to cover transportation costs to ensure all CTE students can participate in CTE-specific activities. Funding will also be used to improve the quality of WBL experiences for CTE students. This will be done by forming WBL Design Teams, identifying industry partners, and developing new dual enrollment opportunities.


Da Vinci Communications High Da Vinci Design Da Vinci Innovation Academy

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, and Entertainment Engineering and Architecture Health Science and Medical Technology Information and Communication Technologies Marketing, Sales, and Services