Pathways Improvement Scope

POLAHS continues to build on the success of previous K-12 SWP funding and partnership with other funders. This application includes new funding for the Video Production pathway. Pathway supplies and equipment are requested in this application, as well as support for repairing existing equipment, and the incorporation of new WBL partnerships. This application also includes new renovation costs associated with the PIXELS Gallery and Creative Space, to accommodate an increased number of students in all three pathways.

Goals & Priorities

Introductory and Advanced Digital Photography will serve approximately 85 students during the 2023-24 school year, a 70% increase over the previous year. K-12 funds will be used for a photo studio, camera sets, lenses, and athletic photo equipment so that every student in class has access to their own camera and lenses.
Introductory and Advanced Graphic Design will serve approximately 60 students, a 25% increase over the previous year. K-12 funds will be used to purchase computers and software for the new pathway.
Introductory and Advanced Video Production will serve approximately 50 students. K-12 funds will be used to purchase new and repair existing equipment.
90% of students in the pathways will represent underserved populations. Support staff will include a CTE Career Counselor; CTE Lead Teacher; College Counselor; Social-Emotional Counselor; Special Education Department; School Psychologist; and EL Coordinator.
84 students (100%) in Advanced Photography and Advanced Graphic Design will earn Adobe Certification, by spring 2024.
30 students (100%) in Advanced Graphic Design will participate in community WBL monitored by the ImBlaze software platform, which provides students and employers with daily tracking and performance feedback to support targeted program development.
25 students (100%) in Advanced Video Production will earn Adobe Certification, by spring 2024.
5 students in Graphic Design will complete internships offered by Novelty, Inc., an apparel design and manufacturing company. POLAHS will provide transportation for these students.
POLAHS Digital Photography students will utilize the photography equipment purchased through K-12 funds to photograph CSU Dominguez Hills athletics, LA Galaxy, and Fram Sportsklubben league soccer games, through established WBL agreements.
Through the lease and final renovation of the PIXELS Gallery and Creative Space, students will continue to exhibit their work in a professional gallery setting during San Pedro’s “First Thursday Art Walk.” WBL projects will be coordinated with partners such as Nikon USA, San Pedro Photography Association, and Silvio’s Camera.
Students will engage in high-level industry training via the Nikon USA partnership. POLAHS is the only high school in the nation invited to participate in the program.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, & Entertainment: Design, Visual & Media Arts Building & Construction Trades: Residential & Commercial Construction Building & Construction Trades: Other Building Trades & Construction Manufacturing & Product Development: Welding & Materials Joining Transportation: Operations Transportation: Other Transportation

Additional CCD Partners

El Camino College Cal State University Dominguez Hills