Pathways Improvement Scope

Media, & Entertainment, Business & Finance, Engineering & Architecture, Fashion & Interior Design, Health Science & Medical Technology, Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation, Information & Communication TechnoLBUSD seeks to develop student support services to increase successful completion of district pathways LBUSD proposes to intentionally create more equitable and inclusive strategies and activities that will help close the district’s current equity gaps in high school pathway enrollment and completion, WBL opportunities, and post-secondary transition supports in all industry sectors, especially those identified in the LA Regional SWP Plan.logies, Public Services Transportation (CDE)

Goals & Priorities

LBUSD will collect course success and completion data to identify gaps. Create stronger alignment to post-secondary programs and inclusion of early college credit opportunities. The district will Increase the number of students matriculating to post-secondary opportunities while improving the WBL data collection system to identify gaps in pathway WBL opportunities. The district will support the High School Choice process and increase the number of functioning advisory boards, establishing a common foundation of equity throughout district pathways.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Media, & Entertainment Business & Finance Engineering & Architecture Fashion & Interior Design Health Science & Medical Technology Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation Information & Communication Technologies Public Services Transportation (CDE)