Pathways Improvement Scope

Pathway improvement by updating curriculum, purchasing equipment and supplies for Culinary labs at WHS and ERHS, supporting WBL, building relationships within the Culinary community at all 3 high schools, and exposing students to Culinary opportunities. TCROP normally feeds into Rio Hondo College, but Rio Hondo does not offer Culinary. TCROP schools have established relationships with faculty, articulation staff, and dual enrollment staff at Cerritos College. The CTE Counselor will meet with each ERHS and WHS pathway student to establish a college and career plan, nurturing the relationship and following up with students frequently. Since the Culinary pathway has a higher percentage of economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities than the general population at WHS and ERHS, the CTE Counselor will connect students with campus resources such as tutoring and intensive support services through the Student Services Team (SST). For example, a dedicated Work-based Learning Coordinator develops WBL sites for pathway students and coordinates student participation. The teacher needs WBL support in establishing more high quality sites, transporting students there, and visiting WBL students to evaluate.

Goals & Priorities

Industry professionals will be invited to join the WHS/ERHS Advisory and participate in other ways such as judging student competitions, presenting in class as guest speakers, providing worksite tours, and offering work-based learning. Relationships with College Faculty. WHS and ERHS will build relationships with Culinary faculty at Cerritos. Teachers and TCROP staff will build on current and past conversations with Cerritos faculty and articulation/dual enrollment staff. Faculty will confer on curriculum development and work toward articulation of at least one class at WHS and ERHS. Equipment and Supplies. Informed by industry standards and articulation requirements, WHS and ERHS will update equipment and supplies. Improve outreach, tutoring, and support. CTE Counselor will connect Culinary students with SST established in prior K12 SWP projects. CTE Counselor will complete college and career plans and provide additional resources such as connection to tutoring, meal distribution, mental health services, and other support services. CCPA will reach out to industry partners to arrange campus tours, speaking, mentoring, and WBL.


Whittier Union High School District El Rancho Unified School District Cerritos College

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation: Food Service & Hospitality

Additional CCD Partners

Cerritos College