Pathways Improvement Scope

K12 SWP funds will be used to build a new pathway in transportation by opening a sequence of courses highlighting aviation logistics, commercial flight and UAV/UAS (Drone) flight for transport of goods. Curriculum, instructional materials, and equipment will be purchased. Staff will be hired and trained. CalAPS will collaborate with Cypress college to ensure articulated/dual credit opportunities and K-14 alignment. CalAPS will collaborate with the Long Beach Airport, which is less than six miles away, providing students opportunities for work based learning. To ensure equity for CalAPS’s significant underserved population, K12 SWP funds will go towards program recruitment; specifically non-traditional and socioeconomically disadvantaged (SED) students, certification and dual enrollment fees, and transportation for students to access work based learning opportunities.

Goals & Priorities

CalAPS will develop a K-14 course sequence supporting advanced transportation and logistics- aviation careers highlighting logistics, commercial flight, and UAV/UAS Drone flight. Funds will support CTE staff collaborating with community college partners in developing the course sequence, outlines and syllabi. The pathway will be in alignment with LAOCRC priority sector- advanced transportation and logistics.

Funds will support the hiring of a new teacher- .6 FTE (90 students) during the day, and .2 FTE (30 students) after school to accommodate students who are unable to fit the pathway within their day. Each year thereafter, sections will be added based on student course requests.

CalAPS has set a pathway completion goal set for 50% of students progressing through the pathway from concentrator to completer.

Enrollment goals within the pathway will reflect the site’s population minimums of 70% socio-economically disadvantaged, 15% English learner students and foster youth. Non-traditional, female and students of color will be a focus for enrollment through outreach and mentoring. CalAPS will absorb costs after the 30-month grant period ends.

Funds will provide instructional materials and equipment in alignment with the CA CTE Model Curriculum Standards and industry expectations. A collaborative team of CTE staff, industry and community college partners will provide input regarding the equipment and materials necessary. Funds will be used to purchase items such AOPA STEM Curriculum, Tello Drones and DJI Flight Training Simulators. CalAPS will continue to support the pathway after the 30-month grant period ends.

CalAPS will submit new courses to the UC a-g systems for “g” course approval.

Funds will be used to support staff in collaborating with community college partners to establish articulation/dual enrollment opportunities for students.

Funds will be used to support student dual enrollment fees,transportation, internship coordination, mentoring and classroom lab assistants, to ensure equity and academic support for all underserved students.

CalAPS will secure a new CTE advisory member to ensure industry/labor trends remain current within the pathway. CalAPS will seek a member from the Long Beach Airport or AOPA organization for future student field learning experiences and work based learning opportunities.

Funds will support students and staff memberships, professional development opportunities and CTSO participation to further develop pathway opportunities.


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