Pathways Improvement Scope

The project seeks to increase the number of students who earn industry recognized credentials and certificates to prepare them for in-demand jobs while continuing their education and preparing for college.

Goals & Priorities

The project’s goal is going to be met by the following : Place students in sector-based work experiences including pre-apprenticeships|Focus on reducing equity gaps to reach underserved populations|Center businesses as a dual customer to meet hiring needs|Provide clear course requirements and necessary WBL to prepare students for thriving careers|Keep students on track with comprehensive wrap-around services|Develop and expand partnerships with a wide array of colleges in the region|Engage in constant continuous quality improvement and be agile enough to make program adjustments as needed.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Energy, Environment, & UtilitiesHealth Science & Medical Technology Information & Communication TechnologiesManufacturing & Product Development

Additional CCD Partners

Mount San Antonio College