Pathways Improvement Scope

Working together with RHCCD, WUHSD, ERUSD, and industry partners to create a leading edge economic development program, TCROP will increase the number of students in the auto program and those receiving articulation credit. We will improve the 9-14+ vertical alignment and increase the number of students transitioning to RHCCD Bachelor’s Degree program and into the workforce.

Goals & Priorities

The work plan seek to address the following areas: Faculty will attend professional development, training, and externships annually to enhance their industry experience and expertise and to ensure that they are familiar with new technology (including the addition of Advanced Technology and Renewable Energy to include alternative fuels and electric vehicles) and equipment and align curriculum to meet industry standards |Faculty will update curriculum to align with industry standards and upgrade equipment, materials and supplies to enhance learning as a result of the professional development opportunities provided. This will be enhanced by collaboration with business and industry partners and college faculty.


El Rancho USD Whittier Union HUSD

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Transportation Advanced Transportation & Logistics