The K-12 Strong Workforce Program (SWP) is the bridge that connects career technical education (CTE) programs at the K-12 level to their CTE counterparts across California community colleges. Recently, the Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD) used K-12 SWP funding to support high school students and counselors develop a deeper understanding of the CTE resources, programs, and services available at our #19Strong community colleges.  

The LAUSD is the second largest school district in the nation, enrolling more than 429,000 students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. One of the many ways the LAUSD supports their students is through their Linked Learning Initiative, which aims to expose students to the myriad of college and career opportunities through CTE programs.  

Thanks to the K-12 SWP grant, the CTE-Linked Learning Office organized high school students and counselors to visit the local colleges and hear directly from CTE pathway coordinators. During these visits, participants learned about how their current high school CTE pathways in engineering, health science, and other fields could link to the different college academic programs available to them.  

Through hands-on experience, strong academics, and a robust support system, students in Linked Learning Certified Pathways are prepared to succeed in certification programs, two- or four-year colleges, apprenticeships and full employment, and more.  

 K-12 SWP funds are awarded to local education agencies through a competitive process, and these are incentivized to partner with one or more community colleges or community college districts that are already immersed in strong workforce efforts. 

Learn more about LARC’s K-12 SWP funds and how to access them by visiting today.