This quarter, we are focusing on sharing information about one of our regional priority sectors: Advanced Manufacturing. While this sector is constantly undergoing shifts, LARC is committed to supporting emerging talent and up-skilling workers to excel in high-growth occupations, as well as providing innovative learning and skill building to match future needs as the industry changes.  

Even before the pandemic, the advanced manufacturing sector was a sector in transition, as a changeover occurred in work processes: from traditional production skills to more specialized skills integrating technological advancements. Comprising 8% of local gross domestic product, this sector has been named a priority sector by all five of LA’s workforce development boards, the Los Angeles Basin RPU, and Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation. 

With advancements in automation, machine learning and the application of real-time data, employers in Advanced Manufacturing are in urgent need of qualified workers with the most up-to-date skills to meet the changing face of manufacturing. If you are an employer in need of talent, connect with LARC at  

Manufacturing on Stage 

With the Oscars around the corner did you know that LA’s entertainment industry relies heavily on Advanced Manufacturing? From set construction to 3-D printed costumes to the many tools of the trade – manufacturing takes center stage.  

Some of this year’s most popular films are nominated for their exceptional production design, such as: Avatar: The Way of Water, Babylon, and Elvis. There is even a whole separate awards program dedicated to scientific and technical achievements! This month, the Academy’s SciTech Awards honored innovations in production.  

Get started in technical production for entertainment with dozens of programs, including digital media and advanced manufacturing, at our #19Strong community colleges.  


Aerospace and Defense 

Aerospace and Defense are two of the most powerful engines of the Los Angeles economy, helping the entire state of California be a leader in total aerospace production and U.S. Department of Defense spending. With private companies like SpaceX also located in our region, we’re at the vanguard of an exciting industry with nearly limitless potential. 

As we conclude our focus on the Advanced Manufacturing sector, consider that jobs in the aerospace and defense industries pay 41% more in wages and benefits than the national average – and 4 out of 5 California aerospace workers reside in Southern California. 

Learn more about the dozens of manufacturing programs throughout LARC’s 19 colleges here. Students and transitioning workers preparing for jobs in these industries will find a challenging but rewarding career. 

Businesses and employers seeking to upskill their current talent or develop a talent pipeline are invited to partner with LARC at