Pathways Improvement Scope

Through the K-12 SWP, New West will begin working with Santa Monica College on competencies necessary to be successful in a post-secondary program. Through this SWP initiative, New West Charter can create a high school pathway seamlessly transitioning into the new Biotechnology program at SMC This plan is aligned with the 2021-2024 SWP Los Angeles Regional Priorities.

Goals & Priorities

New West Charter will develop and Implement DEI lessons across 100% of academic and CTE courses. We will increase the percentage of students feeling safe and included, and . ensure special population students participate in CTE pathways. We will establish targeted academic supports like tutoring, peer-to-peer mentoring, and career counseling in CTE and Dual Enrollment targeting English Learners and Students with Disabilities. New West will design and establish two new high-quality CTE pathways in Biotechnology and Digital Media/Animation in collaboration with Santa Monica College. We will embed at least two University of California Integrated Curriculum (UCCI) courses parallel to the CTE pathways focusing on English and Mathematics.. We will embed work-based learning opportunities into the new CTE capstone courses for the two new pathways in close collaboration with SMC

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, and Entertainment (CDE) Health Science and Medical Technology (CDE)