Pathways Improvement Scope

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) seeks to diversify our student population, support students of color who wish to enter into an arts career right out of high school and decrease rates of absenteeism. We have seen an increase in enrollment in our pathways: Stagecraft Technical Theatre and Video Production. Our focus is on recruiting students from diverse sectors and closing the gaps between our Latino and socio-economically disadvantaged student population with the Strong Workforce Program. We will offer supports to students to ensure they complete certifications that will give them access to high skill/high wage CTE opportunities. We will offer master classes with professionals in the field and mentoring/internships with professionals in editing, lighting, sound and scenic design.

Goals & Priorities

LACHSA will recruit and employ CTE-credentialed teachers in lighting, scenic design, sound design, and video production and also fund release time for those who are enrolled in the credentialing program.
LACHSA will support teachers with professional development relevant to their coursework
LACHSA will offer classes in stage tech and audio engineering in collaboration with ELAC, ASU, and CSULA in creating dual enrollment programs
Fund curriculum and instruction strategic planning for teachers and other stakeholders to analyze data and strengthen the course offerings within the pathways
Build a mentorship program with Union Houses in the Los Angeles area
Provide academic support and technology tutoring with the funds from the work-study program
Students will receive certifications in relevant industry software and programs that will make them employable directly out of high school
LACHSA will recruit and employ experienced professionals in the entertainment industry to train faculty and students on the latest technology
LACHSA will coordinate transportation between the LACHSA campus, East Los Angeles Community College, and/or Arizona State University satellite school downtown for dual enrollment
LACHSA will ensure a 95% completion rate of students enrolled in the Stagecraft Technical Theatre and Video Production pathways.
LACHSA will ensure a 100% high school graduation rate for those students enrolled in the CTE program
LACHSA will ensure 95% or more of students enrolled in the CTE pathway will be certified in one or more software or programs specifically designed for their field.



Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, & Entertainment

Additional CCD Partners

East LA College