Pathways Improvement Scope

In response to local labor market research and feedback through community outreach with parents and other community stakeholders, the HLPUSD will strengthen, and align Performing Arts and Design, Visual, Media Arts (DVMA) Pathways’ curriculum and instruction while building access and equity. In a community outreach survey from August 2023, parents shared that “”Visual & Performing Arts”” was the second top program for student success. The build up of AME Amplify is an opportunity to expand pathways from middle school through post secondary with a focus on recruiting and supporting socioeconomically disadvantaged (SED) students they will have the preparation to access and succeed in CTE pathways and in school through high school and beyond.

Pathways we will support through our AME Amplify project:

2 new CTE Performing Arts programs in music (vocal and instrumental) at Los Altos High School (LAHS)
A new CTE Design DVMA program at Fairgrove Academy (FA)
2 new Performing Arts programs in Dance at La Puente High School and FA
2 new Performing Arts programs in Music (vocal and instrumental) at Workman High School (WOHS) and FA respectively

Goals & Priorities

The expansion and district-wide alignment in the Arts, Media & Entertainment sector will create access and equity for SED students and to address the labor demands of local business and industry. This AME expansion will bring equity to all high school campus, at the moment only two out of the five high schools have CTE AME programs aligned with a middle school. By strengthening this sector, we will increase opportunities to focus on recruiting and supporting SED students enrollment and success in CTE pathways and high school through post-secondary and beyond with the following measurable outcomes:

– Recruit, hire, and train 2 CTE teachers who hold a Designated Subject CTE credential in Arts, Media & Entertainment. SWP grant funds will be used for teacher training and industry externships to keep faculty abreast of the new industry teaching equipment.
– Expand pathways in the Arts, Media & Entertainment sector to include middle school outreach. Train middle school teachers and counselors in CTE pathways available, prioritizing SED students.
– Support CTE pathway students by creating 6-year plans with counselors that include post-secondary education programs, work-based learning opportunities, apprenticeship opportunities, and career labor market information.
– In order to create a welcoming environment for all students, we will design, create and produce outreach and promotion materials informing the local and regional communities of our new and existing CTE pathway offerings, with a focus on middle and high school students and their families. Materials will be distributed in English, Spanish, and Chinese to promote the inclusion of all students and families. 80% of enrolled pathway students will be SED students.
– Expansion of our district-wide college and career-focused fair which will be used to augment and complement college and career readiness activities by featuring hands-on/experiential booths from the high school CTE programs targeted to middle school students and their parents.
– Articulate Arts, Media & Entertainment courses with Mt. SAC. The courses will include a curriculum that focuses on industry standards, work-based learning experience, field trips, and internships. Community college staff will collaborate with CTE Teachers to confirm vertical alignment in the CTE pathways. SWP grant funding will be used to purchase instructional materials and the latest industry equipment to encourage and inspire student success in these courses.
– Increase Dual Enrollment course offerings and enrollment with Mt. SAC through collaborative work with The Greater LA Education Foundation with a targeted focus to increase access for SED students.
– Access our Hacienda Heights community Arts Center and industry partners to align AM&E sector standards that support the regional Labor Market needs. SWP funds will support the Pathways that will use the new Hacienda Heights Arts Center.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, and Entertainment (CDE)