Pathways Improvement Scope

CalAPS is committed to expanding and enhancing its Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways in collaboration with community colleges, business partners, and the CTE Advisory. The focus is on supporting students in completing diverse CTE pathways across 11 industry sectors, including the introduction of a new ICT network/cybersecurity pathway. CalAPS aims to increase pathway completion rates through student engagement, community college collaboration, and dual/articulated course credit options. Grant funds will be allocated to strengthen and expand existing CTE courses, prioritize courses aligned with regional workforce plans, and provide equitable access through transportation services. The funds will also support teacher recruitment, training, and professional development, equipment upgrades, and the development of the new pathway. Additionally, CalAPS aims to mirror the community’s demographics in student enrollment, focusing on socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds and English learners. Strategies include early outreach, career exploration activities, and partnerships with elementary and middle schools. The program will ensure UC a-g approval for courses, cover expenses related to industry certification, work-based learning, and CTSO participation, and promote project-based learning strategies. Collaboration with community colleges will establish dual enrollment summer electives for students in various pathways.

Goals & Priorities

The CalAPS project aims to enhance Career Technical Education (CTE) completer courses through collaboration with stakeholders, including the CTE Advisory, local community colleges, and industry partners. The district is focused on developing robust pathways in key sectors, such as Advanced Manufacturing & Technology, Transportation, Health, Information & Communications Technology, Hospitality & Tourism, and Business/Entrepreneurship. In collaboration with Cerritos College, the project aims to provide updated post-secondary information, develop a seamless K-14 course sequence, and align courses with standards and workforce plans, ensuring a comprehensive and industry-aligned CTE experience that prepares students for successful post-secondary transitions and career readiness.


Bellflower Unified School District

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, and Entertainment Sector Building and Construction Trades Sector Fashion and Interior Design Sector Health Science and Medical Technology Sector Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Information and Communication Technologies Sector Manufacturing and Product Development Sector Marketing, Sales, and Services Sector Public Services Sector Transportation Sector