Pathways Improvement Scope

The proposed project will address workforce challenges in the Business and Entrepreneurship (B&E) Industry Sector. This is one of the priority sectors in the LARC Regional Plan. The Bureau of Labor Statistics broadly defines Entrepreneurs as individuals that “discover new and imaginative ways to combine factors of production and bear the risks of the free market with hopes of creating a profitable enterprise.” The LA Regional Sector Analysis of B&E states there are 57,625 jobs with average hourly pay of $35.24.The LA Regional Plan states that the Professional and Business Services industry shed the 3rd greatest number of jobs from Feb to June 2020, a total of 61,800 jobs; from 2010-2019 the B&E sector has increased 19%. B&E employment will increase by 8,483 positions by 2024. SIATech currently has no Business Pathway options and seeks support to start one.

Goals & Priorities

  • CTE Teachers will develop a course sequence of Business and Management courses that are standards based and end in an Industry recognized certificate.
  • Student Support Specialists (SSS) will host guest speakers in Business & Management in the community.
  • SSS will work with the local Chamber of Commerce to recruit advisory members, find guest speakers, WBL, internships and other support as we develop the B&E pathway.
  • CTE Teachers will partner with the East Los Angeles College, Business Department to align curriculum and bridge our students into their program.
  • CTE Teachers will meet with ELAC, Business faculty to align and implement appropriate articulation by examination process.
  • SSS and CTE Teachers will research and purchase necessary materials and supplies to design, prototype, and develop possible new business products.
  • Professional Development department and SSS will arrange for PD for our Marketing, Sales, and Services teachers to remain current on industry standards and to better support students in special populations, focusing on access and inclusion.
  • CTE Coordinator will arrange teacher training and certification for CTE teachers providing iCEV Professional Communications certification instruction.
  • SSS will develop a network of small business owners in the community to form an advisory committee, seeking out women and Spanish speaking members.
  • Professional Development department and CTE counselors will collect and analyze data to measure program reach and effectiveness, and to make program adjustments. Data collected will include student and staff feedback.
  • Regular program oversight of the pathway by ELAC and small business advisory partners.
  • SSS will recruit former students to serve as mentors for current students to encourage pathway participation and a bridge to ELAC.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Marketing, Sales, & Service (CDE) Business & Entrepreneurship (CCCCO) Global Trade (CCCCO)

Additional CCD Partners

East LA College