Pathways Improvement Scope

Students and teachers will have expanded resources through the development of a comprehensive plan for College & Career Exploration for all K-12 students. The grant will support the achievement of the Program Objectives by providing funding for instructional platforms that focus on student career exploration and leveraging their own strengths when planning their future goals.

Goals & Priorities

Offer Summer Bridge program (specific to pathways) to recruit and sustain students in CTE pathways programs, include training of student bridge leaders to be leaders and mentors for incoming pathway students. Using Career Financial Aid Advisors to work with all high school teachers in their classrooms to provide transition support at each high school. They will provide additional on site student and family supports for college & career readiness.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, & Entertainment (CDE) Business & Finance (CDE) Education, Child Development, & Family Services (CDE) Engineering & Architecture (CDE) Health Science & Medical Technology (CDE) Information & Communication Technologies (CDE) Manufacturing & Product Development (CDE) Public Services (CDE)