Pathways Improvement Scope

SPUSD will focus on increasing numbers of low-income students, and will help
build a stronger pipeline to PCC’s programs, local 4-year university programs, and future careers in the LA region.

Goals & Priorities

Ensure that the number of low-income students enrolled in pathways meets or exceeds the school’s current percentage of
14%. Low-income parents will be provided with information about CTE pathways to sustain the effort.Increase Patient Care pathway participation – pathway involves 1 CTE teacher and expansion from 2 courses to 5 courses
(minimum of124 students) including dual enrollment opportunities. Increase the number of CTE pathway participants by 20%. Invite pathway participants who have graduated to return to
SPHS and talk about their experiences at PCC or 4-year colleges/universities. Examples of continuation will help sustain
participation in the pathways.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, & Entertainment (CDE) Health Science & Medical Technology (CDE)