Pathways Improvement Scope

The LCAP surveys and interviews from students in Covina Valley indicate they would like the District to expand the career
pathways that exist at CVUSD to middle school campuses.

Goals & Priorities

  1. Increase career exploration and technical training sections for student participation at middle schools (7-8).
  2. Develop CTE partnerships between the middle school courses (7-8) and the high school CTE Pathways as well as the CTE programs at Mt. San Antonio College.
  3. Increase career pathway exploration through course writing and course implementation.
  4. Provide industry-standard equipment and experiences on campus for each middle school pathway (7-8). The teacher of record will develop a resource list to create the proper classroom lab environment for middle school campuses. State-of-the art equipment will be purchased.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Patient Care Engineering Arts Media Entertainment