Pathways Improvement Scope

The project seeks to recruit students to CTE pathways, as well as provide career planning and guidance, academic advising and other counseling support They will be responsible for connecting students to mentors, college visits, work based learning and dual enrollment. They will also assist students with FAFSA completion and college applications. Purchasing Paxton/Patterson Career Exploration Labs that support the SAS pathways. Expose middle school CTE and Linked Learning students to their nearby community college through field trips that include hands-on labs and other experiences aligned to their CTE pathway as well as other high-priority sectors. Include parents/guardians in these field trips to build exposure to the CCs. Recruit and enroll middle school students in the summer and/or Saturday STEAM Academies, non-credit coursework, and other programs offered at the local CCs. Ensure representation from the following student groups: English Learners, Students with IEPs, Foster youth, Homeless youth, Black students, Latino students. Support each middle school CTE and Linked Learning student to develop a year plan that includes options to enroll in community college offerings to complete study in a specific pathway. Utilize the career exploration resources and career counselors at the local CC. Develop practitioner centers specifically at CTE-Linked Learning middle schools to integrate community college exploration and experiences across the entire school experience. Practitioner centers open their doors to other LAUSD middle schools multiple times per year to showcase their integration of MS and CC pathways to create K- pathways for students.

Goals & Priorities

Align curriculum with industry standards. Improve students’, especially English Learners’ writing skills. Hire, train and provide professional development, conference attendance and a mentor for new instructor in order to offer engaging learning experiences for all students. Provide career exploration workshops for all ROP high school students and include a needs assessment allowing students to identify possible barriers/challenges to completing the pathway successfully.


El Rancho Unified
Whittier Union High

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Manufacturing & Product Development

Additional CCD Partners

Pasadena CCD