Pathways Improvement Scope

The project seeks to increase career exploration opportunities while addressing the students’ academic & mental health needs by utilizing the RTSA model of instruction. LACOEʼs plan is to utilize SWP grant to fund a School to Career Transition Specialist (STCTS) dedicated to provide support to CTE instructors, programs, and sites

Goals & Priorities

Continue to advocate for all CTE pathway teachers’ participation in all interdisciplinary activities and research and implement activities where CTE teachers can perform industry externships for curriculum development. Offer opportunities for both core and CTE teachers to collaborate on curriculum and instruction activities related to industry sectors. Continue work with the curriculum and instruction Director on ways to ensure collaborative efforts among all teachers. LACOEʼs plan is to utilize the School to Career Transition Specialist to serve as liaison, recruiter, and developer of all areas of College and Career Exploration as support to what CTE instructor is providing in the classroom. Rather than a campus-wide job fair, the career engagement events will spotlight community colleges, community businesses, and/or community organizations that have relevant information within the pathway the student is participating Additionally, the STCTS will coordinate Community College dual-enrollment participation across sites, such as Career Planning. Network with America’s Job Centers (AJCC) to identify available programs that offer training, post-secondary opportunities for students while in camp school as well as upon transition

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, & EntertainmentBuilding & Construction TradesHospitality, Tourism, & Recreation