Pathways Improvement Scope

This project seeks to establish Da Vinci Connect’s first CTE pathway and specifically address the needs described by (1) providing underserved students with the core financial and business competencies that will enable them to excel in a broad range of careers in business and (2) increase the pool of future business professionals required to meet LA regional demand. This K12 SWP project will focus on the Curriculum & Instruction Element to first establish a high-quality Business Management (BM) CTE course sequence.

Goals & Priorities

K12 SWP funding will be braided with local funds to enable Da Vinci Connect to establish a new Business Management pathway. The BM Curriculum Design Team will plan BM student outreach and recruitment strategies, student support services, and a professional development plan. Contract a 1.0 FTE BM teacher to lead BM pathway development and teach BM courses.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Business & Finance