Pathways Improvement Scope

The project will launch new Child Development Pathway and Biotech course Spring 2022. Continue to offer dual enrollment courses that are applicable to multiple CTE pathways and/or meet general education requirements at the colleges, including Art 201, Armenian 101 and 102, Communications Studies 101 (Speech), Health 102, Engineering 101, Finance 101, Media Arts 116- Intro to Screenwriting, Sociology 011.

Maintain CTE counselor and CTE Coordinator to lead Plan development and implementation

Continue to update CTE webpage with college information and resource links

Provide workshops for students to map out their secondary and post-secondary CTE pathways

Have counselors from high schools and community colleges visit CTE classes each semester to inform students about connected secondary and post-secondary pathways, early college course credit opportunities, credit by exam, enrollment, and registration requirements

Conduct annual joint high school and community college parent information meetings, present as one rather than separate sets of information, and continue to include College Promise Engage BUSD and LAVCC teachers, counselors, and administrators to strategically plan coordinated support efforts.

Develop and implement a BUSD CTE Pathways communications action plan to increase student and parent understanding of the full scope and benefits of Pathways programs and increase the number of Latino, special needs, and low-income students enrolled in Pathways and the total number of all completers

Goals & Priorities

We will continue biannual meetings, assist qualified instructors in obtaining CTE credentials in Biotech and Child Development and we will continue to provide students with opportunities to explore career options within the Business Finance, Industrial Arts, Digital Media, Hospitality and Tourism, and Health Science Medical Tech pathways.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Education, Child Development, & Family ServicesHealth Science & Medical Technology

Additional CCD Partners

Los Angeles CCD