Pathways Improvement Scope

The project will provide industry-leading professional development for staff to create engaging learning opportunities in our Health, Business, and Pre-Engineering pathways leading to an increase in student participation and completion rates. Additionally, outreach to the middle schools and elementary schools will inform and inspire our future students. Through the grant, not only will our College and Career Advisor be able to work on the outreach to students, parents, and communities, we would fund an additional College and Career Counselor that would work with students to explore opportunities for the future and ensure academic success of all students. These two positions would continue to build relationships with internal and external stakeholders to provide more opportunities for students and to provide a bridge from high school to college in pathway sectors that lead to high-wage jobs. Additionally, these two positions would also be the point people for supporting the addition of Dual Enrollment course embedded within the pathways. We want to increase the participation of our English Learners in the CTE pathways and to ensure that our EL’s not only reclassify and graduate high school, but graduate College and Career Ready. With the grant, our College and Career Counselor would provide additional supports through tutoring and mentoring to ensure student success.

Goals & Priorities

Developing a bridge from elementary and middle schools through Pathway Showcases and develop marketing materials about pathways and careers that the pathways can lead to. Create Pathway Clubs where students serve as mentors to younger students. Increasing guest speakers for our students. Tutoring supports for students College and Career Advisor and College and Career Counselor will work with students to explore possible post-secondary education and career opportunities. Increase job shadowing and internship opportunities for students College Tours and field trips to Pathway aligned courses. Tours to Pathway occupations/facilities (Hospitals, factories, and businesses). Through careful monitoring, increase numbers of “completers” in our CTE pathways. Creating engaging classrooms that inspire and motivate students (i.e. Anatomage and Maniken). College and Career Advisor and College and Career Counselor with work with students to create clear pathways for students postsecondary College Tours, Trade school and Adult School Tours. Create a form to gather information from graduating seniors (postsecondary plans and contact information). Expand Dual Enrollment opportunities. Strengthen CTE pathways to build enrollment and support (planning, intervention) to increase completer numbers. Supports with college applications. Financial aide meetings for students and parents. Developing soft skills for college and career success

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Health Science & Medical TechnologyManufacturing & Product DevelopmentMarketing, Sales, & Service