Pathways Improvement Scope

Leverage the interest in Robotics Engineering by offering a high quality pathway within the school day that will be available to all students, targeting underserved populations in particular.

Goals & Priorities

(CCUSD) will recruit and employ a part-time (.4 FTE) CTE teacher to develop the Robotics/Engineering pathway courses in spring of 2021. | Career Counselor and staff will intentionally recruit underserved populations for the Robotics/Engineering pathway during the pre-scheduling months. | Culver City High School CTE staff will work with West LA College to develop a Robotics Engineering pathway and possible articulated courses. | Culver City High School CTE staff will identify and foster local industry partnerships and develop site visits and other work-based learning experiences. Robotics/Equipment will be purchased for the pathway.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Engineering & Architecture

Additional CCD Partners

West LA College