Pathways Improvement Scope

LAAAE will strengthen the Business, Digital Media, and Performing Arts pathways by executing the following: Form an advisory board including higher education and industry partners to connect students to internships and job opportunities in the Digital Media Business Sector|Provide PD opportunities for CTE teachers|Strengthening partnership with our feeder community college|Increase the number of certificates earned by students|Expanding the number of total students taking CTE courses| Add a Dual Enrollment Video Production course|Provide academic and college counseling support for students around CTE pathways|Provide activities that expose students to CTE careers.

Goals & Priorities

LAAAE plans to develop professional developments for CTE teachers|hire and onboard video production teacher, provide academic assistance to EL students in the form of before and after school tutoring and college counseling, host career day and encourage CTE students to participate in “Summer Boot Camp” for college credit towards certificates.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, & EntertainmentBusiness & Finance