Pathways Improvement Scope

This project seeks to provide access to underserved incarcerated students close to graduating and being released from jail with career pathway counseling.

Goals & Priorities

Five Key’s Independent High School plans to conduct strategic outreach to Los Angeles community colleges to accomplish the following: Identify CTE programs in various geographic regions geared toward high-demand, high-paying careers|Refine current curriculum to include Applied Math; Understanding Schematics, Prints, Diagram|Provide Professional Development|Align Five Keys Curriculum with College CTE curriculum|Collaborative sessions with Five Keys and college staff to establish best practices|Schedule college faculty and outreach counselors to visit in-custody classes|Five Keys counselors will arrange college visits for newly released students and create education focused re-entry plans for each student.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Building & Construction TradesEnergy, Environment, & UtilitiesManufacturing & Product DevelopmentPublic ServicesTransportation