Pathways Improvement Scope

The project seeks to develop the Patient Care Sports Medicine Pathway to address equity and access for Gahr High School students and strengthen the regional workforce.

Goals & Priorities

ABCUSD sees significant opportunities to develop the Patient Care Sports Medicine Pathway in the following ways: ABCUSD will recruit and hire highly qualified teacher/s who hold CTE credentials with relevant and current industry experience|Work with partner community colleges and industry partners who are already engaged in building this pathway to create logical sequences of CTE pathway courses for smooth transition to community colleges and employment|ABCUSD will develop a student work-based learning (WBL) program to provide opportunities for CTE students to gain access to HSMT-related job shadowing, industry tours, mentors, and internships.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Health Science & Medical Technology

Additional CCD Partners

Long Beach City College