Pathways Improvement Scope

POLAHS’ Pathway Improvement plan involves five strategies that are aligned with the Los Angeles Strong Workforce Program Regional Plan and POLAHS LCAP, including CTE program expansion; career exploration; professional development; and postsecondary articulation. POLAHS will partner with agencies such as Los Angeles Harbor College; El Camino College; CSU Dominguez Hills; Port of Los Angeles; Los Angeles Maritime Institute; Geoff Captain Studios; and MGI Construction.

Goals & Priorities

All strategies in POLAHS’ application are informed by, aligned with, and expand upon the Regional Plan goals and priorities, including: Increasing
opportunities for work-based learning; attending to the need for teacher professional development; addressing the needs of business and industry in
identified priority and emerging sectors, and ensuring curriculum alignment; and maximizing industry engagement through advisory boards.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, & EntertainmentBuilding & Construction Trades Manufacturing & Product Development Advanced Manufacturing Advanced Transportation & Logistics Energy, Construction & Utilities Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)/Digital Media

Additional CCD Partners

LA Harbor College