Pathways Improvement Scope

Expand and improve current efforts to increase the success and quality of seven Health, Science, and Medical Technology (HSMT) industry pathways by building upon the work started through Career Pathways Trust and CTEIG grants. In addition, partnerships will be harnessed to create experiences, skill attainment, and college credit to help facilitate seamless transitions to post secondary and industry credentialing options.

Goals & Priorities

This LBUSD project aims to align and expand upon the following priorities of the LAOC/RC Regional Plan: Building talent capacity in Health Services; Adding Life Sciences/Biotechnology as an emerging sector; Strengthening career pathways and programs of study in partnership with K-12 school districts; and Increasing opportunities for work-based learning along the continuum through industry partnerships. Strategies to be utilized include: exploring healthcare careers through simulation, health occupations students of America, early college pathway program for health, certified nursing assistant certification, and health asset mapping.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Health Science & Medical Technology Health Life Sciences/Biotech