Pathways Improvement Scope

GUSD will improve entertainment sector pathways with STEM-leaning, technical skills for content providers synch with local economic forecast data. Snapshot data show robust sector job postings in LA area: 1,329, Graphic Designers; 383, Video Editors; 334, Audiovisual Technicians; 308, Photographers; 218, Videographers; 148, Visual Designers; 125, Motion Graphics Designers; 121, Makeup Artists; 99, VFX Artists; 81, Animators. DME job postings number 248 in Glendale, 5th largest in LA County (Center for a Competitive Workforce, 2023). WBL includes experienced industry mentors, worksite field trips, paid work experiences, advisory groups & industry certifications.

Goals & Priorities

Fast Track to Hollywood provides hands-on, industry valued work experience, complementing industry-aligned equipment and access to industry mentors. Pathway students have multiple opportunities to practice their craft through work-based learning, including through job shadowing, industry tours, internships, pre-apprenticeships, and capstone project-based learning products that are marketed and shared in public forums with external audiences. Students compose and edit content, film, and practice audiovisual skills in real-world applications in theaters, broadcast studios, newsrooms, film sets, art galleries and animation workspaces. With Round 6 funds, thousands of GUSD students who aspire to careers in the entertainment sector gain ample opportunities to actively participate in DME work experiences with engaged teachers and industry mentors.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media, and Entertainment (AME)