Pathways Improvement Scope

This Pathway Improvement Plan will prioritize regular and ongoing collaboration with postsecondary partners during the plan implementation to ensure system adaptability and agility when circumstances call for change. We will also create systems and internal infrastructure to ensure that programming persists despite changes in leadership. Moreover, we will honor stakeholder input and feedback throughout our cycles of continuous improvement. This Pathway Improvement Plan is more student-centered and equity-focused with the inclusion of our K-8 schools, and Compton Community Day High School student population, Compton Community Day High School students, and students participating in Compton Unified School District’s Home and Hospital program.

Goals & Priorities

SUSTAINED & ONGOING COLLABORATION: We will hold monthly Compton USD, Compton College, and LAEDC collaboration meetings to completing steps toward pathway improvement plan objectives, including continuous improvement data reviews, joint regional industry advisory meetings, industry- and region-specific promotional materials for Los Angeles Regional Priority Sectors, and implementing our Compton Work-Based Learning Action Plan.
ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR: Our Equity & Excellence For All – Continuation High School Focused Pathways Improvement Plan will increase economic opportunities for all students, including the more than 98% of our student population who identify as African American, Hispanic or Latino (DataQuest).
WORK-BASED LEARNING PLAN: We will increase student participation in work-based learning through the implementation of 3-year Work-Based Learning Action Plan
CAREER & APPRENTICESHIP FAIRS: Together with Compton College and LAEDC, we will organize regular and ongoing industry-specific Career and Apprenticeship Fairs with regional industry partners, including soft skill workshops for Chavez Continuation HS, Compton Community Day HS, and Thurgood Marshall HS students.
COLLEGE-GOING CULTURE: Every 7th and 8th grade students, as well as every Chavez Continuation HS, Compton Community Day HS, and Thurgood Marshall HS student will be provided with the opportunity to visit CE programs at Compton College, and (at least one of) CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Long Beach and/or UC Irvine prior to graduation. Quarterly college visits will include comprehensive presentations on specialized student supports and resources offered at the postsecondary level.

Industry Sector(s) Or Pathway(s)

Arts, Media and Entertainment Sector ( AME): Game Design and Integration Pathway