Community Clinics of Los Angeles: Allied Health Internship Program

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February 28, 2023

The CCALAC Allied Health Internship Program will place up to 30 students in paid100-hour in-person internships at one of our member health centers within LA County. Internships will take place throughout the Spring and Summer of 2023. Prior to their internship, students will participate in Orientation plus two fundamental workshops. As an incentive for participation, students will receive gift cards after completing the workshops and over the course of the internship. At the end of the internship, students will receive a certificate of completion, and, depending on their internship site’s needs, may receive a job offer!

Benefits of participation:
● Paid 100-hour internship ($1,500 total)
● $25 gift card for each fundamental workshop attended ($50 total)
● $25 gift card at the start of internship, $50 gift card at the midway point, and
$100 at the end ($175 total)
● Opportunity to learn about community health centers
● Opportunity to be hired full-time upon completion of internship, depending
on internship site’s needs
● Certificate awarded at end of program ceremony
Program sponsored by Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan, California
Area Health Education Center (AHEC), and Cedars-Sinai.


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