The CERF program was created by the State of California to help local regions develop regional economic development plans. In Los Angeles County, CERF will help local stakeholders:  

  • Create high-quality and accessible jobs for all Californians; 
  • Help local communities to transition and thrive in a carbon-neutral economy; 
  • Invest in COVID-19 recovery and build long-term economic resiliency and integrate the priorities of local residents in the region’s 10-year plan. 

LARC’s Co-Chair and Assistant Vice President, Dr. Narineh Makijan, was elected to serve on CERF – LA HRTC’s General Steering Committee. The General Steering Committee will oversee the development of plans and strategies to identify high- quality, good-paying jobs in eco-friendly industries to increase the opportunities and quality of life of disadvantaged communities.  

CERF is a one-of-a kind effort that calls for equity and inclusion in economic planning. The goal is to uplift under-voiced community needs to ensure they are included in Los Angeles County’s 10-year Regional Economic Recovery Plans and ensure disinvested community members can access job and economic opportunities in high growth sectors.  

In this process, CERF will map and support local community readiness to transition toward a carbon-neutral tomorrow and outline ways you can participate and benefit. You can learn more about CERF – LA HRTC here.