February is Career Technical Education month, and the Los Angeles Regional Consortium (LARC) is proud to highlight the crucial role that CTE plays in preparing current and future workers for successful careers across Los Angeles’ wide range of industries. 

The 19 colleges that make up LARC offer a variety of career technical education programs that are designed to set students up for successful careers while meeting the needs of our region’s employers and industries. CTE programs fill workforce gaps, particularly in LAC’s key industries, like film and television, semiconductors and microelectronics, and zero emission vehicles.  

Moreover, many high-paying and sought-after jobs in Los Angeles County necessitate specialized skills and certifications that can be acquired through career and technical education programs. Forty seven percent (47%) of jobs across California require technical skills training while only thirty nine percent (39%) of Californians have the skills needed for those jobs.  All of us at LARC are incredibly proud of the work our #19Strong colleges engage in to close this gap, promote accessible workforce training and create viable career paths for our students. 

Every year, we see countless students graduate from our career technical education programs and go on to achieve great heights in their chosen fields. From securing high-paying jobs to starting their own businesses, our students are proof that career technical education is a clear path to success. Our instructors and staff work tirelessly to provide our students with the tools needed to succeed, and this month is our chance to recognize their efforts and show our appreciation for all that they do. 

As LARC celebrates Career Technical Education Month, we are thrilled to see the California Governor’s Roadmap and the California Community Colleges’ Vision for Success Goals continue to align with our commitment to providing high-quality career technical education programs that prepare our students for success as they enter the job market. With continued collaboration and innovation, we are confident that our community colleges can continue to make a significant impact in closing the skills gap to ensure Los Angeles maintains its position as the state’s economic driver.