Last month, Governor Newsom signed an executive order aimed at creating a state master plan for career technical education (CTE) in the next 13 months. As a leader in economic and workforce development and the deliverance of CTE programs, LARC is thrilled to see this next step in the evolution of our state’s commitment to advancing CTE for Californians.  

This plan was developed in collaboration with California’s largest educational entities, including the California Community Colleges, University of California, and the State Superintendent of Instruction, among others.  

In our August Newsletter, LARC highlighted another statewide development – the California Community Chancellor’s Office setting a goal to have dual enrollment for every ninth grader. This goal was also embedded in the Governor’s ambitious order, along with the state apprenticeship goals, the volunteer corps, the cradle-to-career data system, and the college and career savings accounts.  

Collectively, the impact of these programs working together can help lift Californians into sustainable living wage careers, address issues of workforce skills gaps, and promote innovation coming from our institutions of learning. LARC is looking forward to supporting these collective efforts and serving as a nexus point for the LA region as we move together to achieve a unified career technical education state master plan.   

Image credit: Office of the Governor